• MUSICIt touches our lives.  It can be soothing or it can be the “pick-me-up” at just the right time.  You can enjoy music in one localized area/room or distribute it throughout your home/business. 


    Speakers are installed throughout your home or office.  They are connected to a source, for example: a stereo system with various inputs such as XM Radio, CD, Pandora or TV.  Once connected, you get to choose how you want to control the sound.


  • Option 1 – Multi-Source, Multi-Zone:
    Our most popular and flexible system allows six different sources (FM, CD, XM Radio, iPod, TV, Pandora, etc.) and six zones (expandable to 12 or more).  Each music zone or area in the home/business has total control over it’s “source” of music, as well as volume and tone controls.  This system is a music lover’s dream!

    Option 2 – Single Source, Multi-Zone:
    This system is the most economical.  It allows multiple “zones” of music with individual volume controls. All zones listen to the same source (FM, CD, etc.).  We can provide the stereo amplifier or utilize your existing unit.

    Speakers are strategically placed in your Living Room/Great Room to enhance the movie experience.  Unlike the “after market” systems, wires are run inside your walls and the speakers are flush mounted enhancing the appearance of the room.  We even have sub-woofers that can be installed inside the walls and painted to match your wall color!

    These same speakers can be used to provide music in this room when connected to an audio source.