• Fire Alarm Control Panel models vary, but the expected outcome is the same – Detect Fire!  If the panel is a Silent Knight, Simplex or FireLite, it really doesn’t matter.  Central Security is able to monitor, service, and inspect them all. 

  • Commercial Fire Systems

  • Commercial Fire Systems must be custom designed per Florida State Code. 

  • Many businesses and places of assembly such as churches and fraternal organizations are required to have and maintain a Certified Fire Alarm System.  State Code mandates that these systems, once installed, be inspected on a regular basis.  Central Security is trained and licensed to install fire alarm systems and perform annual or semi-annual inspections as required by the State of Florida.   

    Larger installations must have the Fire System professionally engineered in addition to going through the permitting process.  Central Security has people trained specifically for this and is ready to install, inspect, certify and service your system. 

  • Residential Fire Protection

  • A Smoke Detector, Heat Detector or Carbon Monoxide Detector can be added to most Residential Security Systems and is active 24/7.  The monitored panel will alert the Central Station that a fire device has been activated.  Help will be dispatched whether you are home or away – 24 hours a day!