• We have been involved with camera surveillance for years and have witnessed the evolution from large black and white cameras and VCR’s to micro size high definition color cameras with NVR’s or off-site storage.  Customization is essential because each “field of view” has different imaging characteristics – wide angle, long-range, low light, direct sun, high resolution, etc.  A typical four-camera system will often require two or even three different style cameras.  Today’s NVR’s are available with a variety of different size hard-drives, depending on the video storage needs of the particular application. Recordings can easily be copied to a CD or thumb drive.  Cloud services are also available for off-site storage.

  • Central Security uses professional grade cameras that are installed by professionally trained technicians.  We've all seen the blurry video picture in the news of a perpetrator with the newscaster asking us to help identify the person.  Those images are grainy and pixelated.  Quality matters with a surveillance/camera system.  A system that does not have a clear picture to assist in identification can be very frustrating and of no value.  If you are going to invest your hard earned money in surveillance be sure to check into the quality of the cameras being installed and make sure that the system is designed to give you the coverage you desire.

  • IP Color Camera Surveillance System

  • Camera systems are more affordable than every before, please feel free to contact us about our 4-Color IP Camera Package.

    We love meeting people in our community and provide free estimates.

  • “Total Connect” Internet Cameras 

    Central Security also offers Total Connect Internet Cameras. These cameras are viewable through Honeywell's “Total Connect Website”.  The initial cost is lower than purchasing a NVR system. However, there is a monthly fee to view and save your images “off site”.  We offer this because it is a unique way to put cameras into smaller businesses and homes without the large initial cost generally associated with traditional Surveillance Systems.

    Total Connect Remote Video Services allow end-users to view activity around the interior or exterior of their home or business on smart phones, laptops or tablets with a highly secure Internet Connection.

    Please contact us for details.