• Security systems can be as simple or as elaborate as individual needs require. 

    Security systems are used to detect intrusion at the promise where it is installed.  With this in mind, the needs of each client are different. Businesses are often concerned with the detection of a perpetrator after hours and the ability to notify the Police Department in the event of a hold-up during normal business hours.  Home systems can be very basic or full perimeter with all the doors and windows having sensors on them for detection.

  • Many people  have contacted us to service their system after they have contracted with companies offering a "free" system. These people have buyers remorse as they are not getting the attention/service they need. They are under contract with these companies and we cannot help them until they fulfill their obligation. These conversations have prompted us to create a Basic system with low up front cost. The system we offer is expandable if you would like to add additional sensors. 

    As a local company, we do not have "national" company big pockets, however, we are investing in our customer. You! 


  • Basic Wireless System $99

    • 1-Honeywell Alarm Control Panel with Built-in touch screen keypad and siren
    • 3 Door or Window Sensors
    • 1-Motion Sensor
    • 1-Key Fob (remote)
    • 1-Cellular Module (for communication to Central Security)

    This system does not need a telephone line as it will communicate using the Cellular Module that is included. 3-Year Monitoring Agreement required (many companies require a 5-year contract).

    We also offer this package with our 1-year Monitoring Agreement. It requires more up-front cost. Call us for details on these packages. Our office is open Monday-Friday 8:00-5:00 and a person, not a machine, answers the telephone.

    Of course, it is our professional opinion that a home security system should detect entry from all openings. This enhances the protection of the building, the valuables, but most importantly, it's occupants.  With sensors on all windows and doors, the home owner can "arm" the system before bedtime and sleep peacefully.

    Central Security installs both hard-wired and wireless systems and there are many options that are available to you.  Today, a system does not need a "landline" telephone to communicate to the monitoring station.  Cellular Modules are very popular.  Customers can elect to have a cellular module installed for the communication path of their system.  With our monitoring rates, the customer often incurs a monthly savings over landline communications.

  • As you review all the information on our site, we understand that you may have questions regarding your specific situation.  Please feel free to contact us and we will be glad to assist you in any way.

  • Central Security installs hardwired systems as well as wireless systems. There are applications that are best suited to each type of system. Hardwired systems have smaller sensors, no batteries that need to be changed and some customers prefer the keypads. Installation costs can vary based on the ease or difficulty of wiring access in a building...for example, a large attic greatly facilitates a hardwired alarm system.

    Wireless technology has improved over the years and is very reliable. This has made installations possible with little or no attic access and batteries no longer need to be charged each year.

    We design our systems to fit your individual need/lifestyle. Some options are listed below. Please contact us honest answers to your security questions.

    • Cellular Communication Module (No landline/telephone needed)
    • Remote Access of Security System (Smart Phone / Tablets / Computers)
    • Keypads: Digital / Liquid Crystal Display / Touch Screen
    • Motion Sensors: Pet Friendly
    • Smoke or Heat Detectors
    • C02 / Gas Detectors
    • Glass Break or Shock Sensors
    • Lightning / Surge Protection